Project by Jeffrey Josse

Liquid Crystals (LC) are widely used in displays, electro-optic modulators, and optical switches. In these types of devices, an electric field is applied which modulates the optical properties of the LC material. It is attractive for its low power consumptions. Opto-electronic devices and switches made from LC materials consume comparatively less power than opto-mechanical counterparts and other electronic display technologies. There are only a few works done on all electrical switches and sensors. In this research, our goal is to design, simulate and fabricate LC switching devices and test the capacitive and resistive responses under DC and low-frequency AC and RF loads, using various electrode configurations. We will study electrode configurations that result in high sensitivity, low response time, and high on/off ratio. We have already done simulation and design using a simple analytic model, and a lithography mask. Our simulations and RF analysis suggest that RF switching with acceptable performance may be possible. LC materials in DC and RF switching application may open a new avenue for a low-cost solution.