MEMS based Hazardous Gas Sensing using Photoacoustic Detection Method

In this project, MEMS membrane-based photo-acoustic (PA) detection system for a hazardous gas sensing application with high accuracy and low cost has been introduced. Thin and deformable micro-machined membrane is used to detect the acoustic vibration created via light-gas interaction inside the PA chamber.

Novel Test Fixture for Studying Microcontact Reliability and Performance

A test fixture facilitates to study contact force, contact resistance, adhesion, and contamination associated with the microcontact. In this project, a novel test fixture will be developed and engineered micro-electrical contacts will be fabricated and tested using our novel test fixture for acquiring significant data to design a robust and reliable MEMS switch for future DC and RF applications.

Thin Films

GaN on Si is not studied much because of the cracking problem in GaN films which becomes worse at a higher temperature. Therefore, our focus is to grow the good quality and less stressed GaN films on Si, using the low-temperature atomic layer deposition (ALD) method. In the future, our plan is to design and fabricate GaN/Si devices and study their reliability, performance for industrial applications.